Our architecture practice is centered on creating buildings that enrich human life while minimizing negative environmental impacts. Across commercial, residential, institutional and mixed use sectors, our designers use cutting-edge, high return on investment strategies and technologies to design responsive, engaging buildings that operate at the highest levels of environmental performance.


Our planning studio is driven by creating resilient, vibrant places across the country. Our expertise is urban- focused and includes urban design, corridor and neighborhood planning, affordable housing, and site master planning. No two projects are alike for us, and we thrive on identifying the unique challenges and opportunities of the communities where we work.

Sustainable Nation

Doug Farr’s second book, Sustainable Nation: Urban Design Patterns for the Future, poses one big question: how can we make the world we want in the least possible time? The answer touches on a good many things: our brain’s wiring, civilization’s long arc of progress, the unique and urgent challenges we face today, how long change normally takes, and ways to speed it up. The storytelling blends prose, graphics, and imagery. Not surprisingly, it is all framed by time: dozens of timelines track society’s progress against 25-year generations, four day-in-the-life vignettes introduce us to ‘local actors’ two generations into the future, and urban design patterns of community design and culture for passionate followers to enact over time. For individuals who are passionate about making the world we want, this book is for you!

Learn more about Sustainable Nation here. Purchase the book here.

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