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Since its founding 22 years ago, APEC has pursued policies that support free and open trade and investment as the surest way to accomplish greater common prosperity and stability in the Asia-Pacific Rim region. This report, co-authored by Farr Associates and Northwestern University, makes the case that APEC should step up to a position of global “green” leadership by advocating its member countries to develop and redevelop their cities in the highly sustainable manner of “Living Cities” in the near term. The findings of this report supporting this proposed APEC initiative have been organized in three parts:

Where We Are Now

Cities are the foundation of sustainability.

Where We Want to Go 2030

The Living City is a vibrant and dynamic urban place, offering robust and sustainable employment and lifestyle choices that support a high quality of life for all ages and incomes.

How We Get There 2011-2030.

Over time societies evolve intricate ways of getting things done. Possibly none is more complex or ingrained than how we establish and maintain our settlements: our cities, towns, and villages.

The report offers APEC the opportunity to become the global leader in sustainable urban design, construction and operation. Should APEC adopt this approach, it has the potential to create lucrative prospects for research, development, and investment and for international and inter-city exchange.

Download the full report Living Cities (Dropbox link to PDF)

Download Portrait of the Living City (PDF)