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Yannell Net-Zero Energy Residence

Date: 2009

Client: Michael Yannell

Location: Chicago, Illinois

LEED Certification: LEED-Homes Platinum

Awards: 2009 AIA Illinois Sullivan Award

Farr Associates completed the first home in the Midwest designed to be Net-Zero Energy and LEED Platinum. The residence, located in Chicago, was designed to produce more energy than it consumes over the course of a year through the use of renewable energy systems.

The building is passively-oriented, facing due south, maximizing solar gain in winter. Solar panels generates electricity, solar thermal panels are used for hot water and radiant floor heating, and a geothermal system provides heating and cooling. Rainwater is harvested through the butterfly shaped roof for all irrigation needs. The home also features the first residential greywater system in Chicago that reuses water from the washing machine for toilet flushing.