Southworks LEED-ND

Date: 2009

Client: City of Chicago

Location: Chicago, Illinois

LEED Certification: LEED-ND Certified (Pilot)

As part of the major redevelopment taking place in the South Chicago neighborhood, the City of Chicago hired Farr Associates to score the Southworks site as part of the LEED for Neighborhood Development pilot program and to lead it through the certification process.

The west half of the site is part of the existing South Chicago community area, and the east half of the site, once a U.S. Steel manufacturing plant, is now a large remediated brownfield site ready for redevelopment offering hundreds of acres of lakefront. Project planning strives to combine the two halves to create one sustainable neighborhood. The site is adjacent to an existing urban neighborhood with established infrastructure and public transit, making it an ideal site for LEED-ND.

Creative TIF financing through the City requires the project developers to build LEED Silver certified construction on the entire U.S Steel site and any City owned parcels within the project boundary. The LEED-ND master plan also incorporates increased density, walkability, high performance infrastructure, and other aspects of sustainable urbanism.