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Sanctuary Place

Year: 2005

Client: Interfaith Housing Development

Location:  Chicago, Illinois

The Interfaith Housing Development Corporation wanted to provide a safe and healthy place of support for women recently released from prison, coping with HIV/AIDS or mental illness. Farr Associates was able to assist by designing this green facility on a tight budget, providing housing for 63 single women and six families, while also creating a therapeutic environment for counseling and self-development.

Spacious units with ample daylighting are solidly built with traditional materials. In addition, community rooms and outdoor green spaces are provided in the main building so women can meet with their children and family members. Elimination of carpet from the living areas and the use of low-VOC paints and sealants throughout will improve the health of the residents. This facility’s architecture makes use of a variety of innovative yet proven technologies, including solar panels to preheat domestic water.