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Red Maple Grove HOPE VI

Year: 2008

Client: Brindy, LLC

Location:  Indianapolis, Indiana

Funding: HOPE VI

Red Maple Grove was a vacant public housing development in Indianapolis, Indiana. BRIndy, LLP, hired Farr Associates to redevelop the troubled site into a mixed-use, planned unit development, embracing traditional design elements. Farr Associates created a redevelopment plan that includes a commercial center, as well as, a community center, swimming pool, and park. The location chosen for these latter amenities, is not only centrally located within the walkable development, but also serves as a focal point as one enters the development from Raymond Street.

Farr Associates provided detailed drawings of the proposed 217-unit development for the zoning application approved in June 2003, as well as site and architectural drawings for an Indiana tax credit application for Phase I of the project. Phase II consisted of the design and construction of the residential units, with residents calling Red Maple Grove home in November 2008.