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East Billings Form-Based Code

Date: 2011

Client: City of Billings

Location: Billings, Montana

The East Billings Urban Renewal District (EBURD) Master Plan and form-based code were created to guide the transformation of a 400-acre former light and heavy industrial area adjacent to downtown Billings into a series of sustainable, walkable urban districts with jobs, housing, and supporting businesses and infrastructure.

EBURD currently consists mainly of light industrial uses mixed with commercial businesses. The physical form of the area utilizes the City’s historic walkable block grid, though interrupted by two rail lines, and with wide city streets typical of western communities. Though a very active area, vacant land exists for infill redevelopment, and industry has been steadily leaving the area for bigger sites with easier highway access.

Farr Associates condensed the six “Development Districts” identified in the Master Plan to create three main zoning districts for EBURD, with additional requirements for two main north-south cross streets. Throughout the area, primary streets are typically defined as the north-south streets since the east-west streets tend to carry a significant amount of through traffic. These primary streets have build-to-zones close to the property line and requirements for high levels of ground floor transparency to create continuous, comfortable, interesting, walkable streets, whether light industrial uses, residential, or a mix of uses.