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Aurora Renewable Energy Ordinance

Date: 2010

Client: City of Aurora

Location: Aurora, Illinois 

The City of Aurora hired Farr Associates to develop a renewable energy code amendment to its zoning ordinance. After meeting with City staff to better understand the project’s focus and goals, Farr performed a code audit to determine the existing barriers to renewable energy development within the Village.

The code amendment focuses on providing standards for solar and small wind energy, including both freestanding and building mounted systems. Also included in the standards are provisions for protecting solar and wind access through easements. In addition to the solar and small wind energy system standards, the amendment also provided guidance on the development of geothermal and district energy systems.

Intended for use by residents and property owners, the code amendment is written in simple, easy to understand language and includes a set of clearly defined terms and illustrations of all major standards. It was drafted to easily be incorporated into the City’s existing ordinance.