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West Evanston Master Plan & Code

Date: 2008

Client: City of Evanston

Location: Evanston, Illinois

Awards: APA Illinois Implementation Award 2008

The City of Evanston hired Farr Associates to create a master plan for two West Evanston redevelopment areas. To prevent the piecemeal development of these transforming industrial areas into a residential area, a development moratorium was approved until a plan could guide the redevelopment.

An intensive design charrette process helped the community understand the needs of developers while also addressing their concerns about building height and parking. Using large aerials and scaled “game pieces”, two speculative sites were chosen for redevelopment. Participants designed their ideal developments from the ground up– choosing street placement (with real ROW considerations), open space locations, and building types, paying special consideration to the number of units and required parking for each building. Pin ups allowed for discussion, and refined scenarios were presented in following meetings.

Five principles guided the redevelopment plans and form-based code that followed: Reconnect the Community; Maintain the Green Character of Evanston; Increase the Walkability; Provide a Lifecycle of Housing Choices; and Provide Feasible Neighborhood-Scale Commercial Space. The result of the work is an innovative plan and code that provides the neighborhood with new housing and transportation options.